Clitemnistra: Some show

It’s been two weeks since the elections for president of the Partido de la Revolución Democrática (PRD, Party of the Democratic Revolution) in Mexico were held on March 16th. Since then, we’ve gone from drama to hysterical comedy with the ups and downs of the results of those elections.
Factions showed on the day of the election that Alejandro Encinas -formerly Major of Mexico City- was a clear winner with a high 4 point advantage, Jesús Ortega’s group insisted on not recognizing the results of Mitoksky’s pole company claiming their internal results showed differently.
All day -March 16th- there were complaints mainly from people acusing fraudulent actions. The reports concerning irregularities were documented and made public by the well-known “Sendero del Peje” and national newspapers

The results of those internal election are still an uncomfortable mistery to those who were honestly hoping their vote would count and be a first step to the renewal of the leftish party in Mexico. And for those who knew from the start this was not an election at all, but a way to allow negociations with the imposed government of Felipe Calderón… well, the show must go on

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