Clitemnistra: A long lost story

-I dont want to do something I might regret.- she thought as she walked slowly to the bus.
The busride was long, her coffee was cold and bitter when she got off. She walked 2 streets, saw a pair of orange shoes that made her smile; she was not scared of walking, or drinking, or watching, she would be fine. She walked through the glass door and stared at the receptionist. Eyes looking and avoiding, talking, screaming in silence.

– Everything you need is in the room Ms. Kennedy, I’ll be with you in a moment.-
– Will it take very long?-
– I don’t know Dear, don’t be scared-
– I’m fine, really- she said

Her phone rang, she did not mean to pick it up, but it was Gary calling and she did want to talk to him.

– Hey Baby!- he said, but the background was so noisy she could barely hear him. -Where are you?-
– I’m at the clinic-
– Fuck! Was that today?

She undressed slowly, put on the pink slip and waited. She was scared, her hands refused to undo the buttons, to move from one place to another. Fear was not a problem anymore. The doctor came while Gary stopped for gas and some cigarettes.
It seems she would not regret this after all.

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