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Amo Ninequi Nimiquis

A poem in nahuatl that speaks of the importance of our historical roots in order to stay alive as humans and as a community.
Written by Natalio Hernández.

Amo ninequi nimiquis
ninequi niquitas yanquic tonati
ihuan yancuic tlanextli.

Amo ninequi nimiquis
ninequi nicactehuas yancuic xichicuicatl
yancuic masehualcuicatl.

Amo ninequi nimiquis
ninequi niquipohuas
yancuic masehualamoxme,
ninequi niquitztehuas
yancuic tlalamiquilistli.

Amo ninequi nimiquis
ninequi sampa nimoyolchicahuas
ocsepa cuali nimonelhuayotis
amo quema ninequi nitlacatehuas.

* From the book:
Montemayor, Carlos, “La Voz Profunda, Antología de la literatura mexicana en lenguas indígenas”, ed.Joaquín Mortiz, pp. 172, 173
* I have not included the translation because I only have an appropriate one in spanish. I’ll post both the translations as comments.


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